Forsyth (forsythferret) wrote,

Another Good Man Gone

One of the posters over at Obsidian Wings, Andrew Olmsted, died in Iraq.

I only ever knew him from his postings there and his own blog, and mostly through arguing with him occasionally. But he was an honest and decent man, and most of what he wrote is of the same caliber as his own obituary there. His last entry in his other blog, over at the Rocky Mountain News is about helping Iraqis bring gifts to Iraqi kids in a refugee camp. The world's a little bit worse off without him. Him and the many other soldiers and civilians who died in this, and every other war.

UPDATE: Hilzoy found the AP article probably about Andrew here. It doesn't really say very much. But each and every article like that isn't just about numbers, they're about people.
Tags: deaths, war

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