Pulling the plug

So, after the latest TOS changes, I'm officially pulling the plug on this. I think for now I'm going to migrate it over to Dreamwidth, beyond that, I need to figure out what I want to do.

And what the kinda old people are at these days. Is it still Tumblr? I'm not worried what the kids are up to, I'm old now.

Maybe when I set up the DW, I'll try and reach out to a bunch of people who I've not talked to in far too long.

I aen't dead.

So it's been quite a while since I've posted here. So, what's going on with me?

Well, when I went back to college, I debated between doing environmental engineering or aerospace engineering. This is probably due to reading stuff like Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot as a wee nerdlet. But if the goal is to try and create a civilization worth the name, which means one that can survive and also get our asses into space, those are the two key issues, keeping our civilization running in a sustainable way here, and get into space in a real way.

So, with that in mind, I figured that there was more work to do fixing up our cities and world and it's more urgent. So, because of this, I figured it'd be easier to find a job that way. It wasn't entirely idealistic, yeah.

Then I went and graduated while all the engineering companies it turned out had gotten all invested in building cookie cutter subdivisions. Which meant they were laying people off, and all the few jobs there were were competing with people who already had experience. And ended up working retail again. Whoops.

And then my friend said the company he was working at was hiring. And so somehow I stumbled backwards into working at a company making rockets and cargo ships for the space station. Can't really fight that.

So hey there folks.

Hellboy II

Yeah, I know, I'm way behind on movies, what can I say? So I just finished watching Hellboy II, and it was pretty good. There was one major thing that bugged me though, the part where (spoilers) Hellboy rescues the baby and defeats the giant forest god thing, and... the cops and the lady whose baby he rescued turn against him because something something. I mean yeah, there was just this huge wrecking of that street, and they all witnessed something miraculous (in the sense of divine/supernatural intersecting the regular world) but I'm not sure why they turned against Hellboy.

There were some other bits kinda like that, where things just seemed a little sloppier than necessary. And I really with the princess had challenged her brother at the end, or done something a little more than she did. Or if they'd just made her into something more than Ms. Exposition and a girl for Abe to moon over. Maybe they're not really flaws, just places I would have done things a little differently.


So hey I just realized I totally forgot to mention this here. As of today, I am no longer working retail. I quit.

On Monday, I'm starting work inspecting parts of satellites and rockets as they're received. It's much more interesting and the pay is much better. It's not exactly where I intended to end up, but it's sort of related, at least to me. And it's a damn sight better than retail.


So, I saw this bumper sticker promoting people buying products made in the USA. It was text, and a photo of the top of the Statue of Liberty. Which was made in France.

(The actual issues of trade balances, manufacturing, etc, are More Complicated Than That, and I'm not getting into them, I was just commenting on the disconnect between the message and the image. And yes, I know the Statue of Liberty is an iconic American monument. One that was built for the US by the government of France.)

Confusing Things I Didn't Notice Until Somebody Else Mentioned It

Why does Cosmo, a magazine aimed at women, have its' cover stories all about how to please a man in bed, and positions men enjoy, instead of sex tips aimed at well, women, the nominal audience of the magazine?

And why didn't I think of this until somebody else mentioned it? Because that's what patriarchy is, it's not just a matter of evil stomping boots, it's making things invisible too.